Winter is a woody aromatic was launched in 2013
Main Notes:
Blue Spruce, Black Cardamom, Forest Pine and French Lavender .

Caramelized, herbal wafts envelop body and mind and lull(a-bye) us into the decline; of the days, the light, the year. Grim though this may sound, never has the coldest season been so inviting as in Winter by Dasein. Those nights in, cooking rich seasonals while the kitchen windows fog…crisp star-sparkled midnight walks where the air is sharp, invigorating…the sweet, florid warmth of hot drinks steaming us calm, from the inside out. The solace found in the pause, when everything lies quiet, bones bared. With blue spruce, black cardamom, forest pine and an especially lush french lavender, Winter is wearable therapy: a reminder, in it’s simplicity, that an end is only the beginning of some new magic.
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