Harem Rose
Harem Rose
Harem Rose is a floral perfume for men and women was launched in 2017
Main Notes: Amber, benzoin, vanilla, rose, cashmere woods, vetiver.

A soliflore is a big test for a young perfume house- when the adornments of complicated genres and endless ingredient lists are stripped away, when the goal is to deliver one simple, beautiful floral, how will it deliver? With Harem Rose, a gorgeous rose soliflore with gently oriental elements, we have our answer. Yes, it's a rose scent, but not all roses are created equal, and the Damascene Rose that Rasei Fort presents here is ethereal, a lush but youthful pink rose floating on a wave of soothing musk, gentle vanilla and the slightest hint of earth and spice from a subdued vetiver. The result is substance without heaviness, a truly three dimensional rose without a single thorn, a fresh floral that sinks happily into cloudlike repose. If you love fresher, gentler roses but don't want to smell like a teenager, great news: Harem Rose beckons.
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