Fatih Sultan Mehmed
Fatih Sultan Mehmed
Fatih Sultan Mehmed is a chypre floral perfume was launched in 2016
Main Notes: Bergamot, apple, petitgrain, rose, tulip, iris, vanilla bean, benzoin, amber, ambergris, cedar, patchouli, oud.

A tribute to the opulence and glory of the Ottoman Sultanic Empire, Fatih Sultan Mehmed is a grand fragrance indeed, well worthy of the outsized reputation of Mehmed the Conqueror. Crisp, juicy apple bursts off the skin from the very first spritz, while a heart of romantically smooth flowers- lush Damask rose and vibrant iris- balances expertly against gorgeously textured, gently spicy ambergris, keeping the floral heart both lively and unisex. Finally, a sumptuous drydown of woods, musks and resins further accentuates the lavish character of the scent, allowing the complexity of the ingredients to remain front and center while never feeling as heavy or spice-laden as your typical exotic oriental. Ambergris lovers, we recommend getting your hands on this scent today- put simply, Fatih Sultan Mehmed smells like a million bucks.
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