Amber Absolutely
Amber fragrances are often associated with warmth, comfort, and beauty- but can an amber be dangerous? In the hands of Rasei Fort- absolutely. Here, the dynamic new nose behind Fort & Manle envisions amber as a trap, a seduction, glowing so brightly that those drawn to its light cannot realize they’ve become the prey… until it’s too late. 

Don’t get us wrong- this is one of the most delicious, warm and downright rapturous ambers we’ve experienced- rich, resinous labdanum, spiked with benzoin, sweetened with a golden honey and juicy plum. But an unexpectedly striking note of rose manages to feel both lush and thorny, and raw, spicy vetiver splices with stout cedarwood to deliver a powerful bite when least expected. Amber lovers, you’ll fall head over heels for this rich, creative and ferocious elixir. And those who normally shy away from dessert-sweet amber scents- maybe it’s time to try an amber with some fangs.
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