Thomas Kosmala

Thomas Kosmala is a rock star of the perfume world, and his fragrances – which he mixes himself out of his laboratory in southern France – are among the most exclusive and expensive in the world. Thomas Kosmala’s eponymously named brand is a truly international one: born in Poland but trained classically in Paris, the perfumer established the seat of his house in London, a cultural and business hub that feeds his restless creativity. Starting out with a duo of Middle-Eastern-inspired oud perfumes in 2014, Kosmala has now turned his focus to a classically French collection of fine fragrances that blend a rich European tradition of perfumery with a modern, urban ethos. Provocative photography accompanies the fragrances, conveying the sexy insouciance and je-ne-sais-quoi aesthetic of the scents themselves.

Perfumes By This Perfumer

No 4 Apres l'amour
No 9 Bukhoor
No 3 Crepuscule Ardent