The latter is a native of the region, his maternal family having lived in Normandy for generations. Rooted in the area where they have lived and founded projects, the history and culture of Normandy have naturally been their first source of inspiration. The creation of Berry perfumes is the artistic expression that Charles and Cecile have explored over more than 5 years, in order to bring out a rich, unique and original range of scents : 13 perfumes grouped into three collections. Though the house's first fragrance 'EBLOUISSANT REFLET' was created in 2013 for the Normandy Impressionist festival, the creation of the three ranges has spread out over time and matured month after month in the minds of their creators. Established in Rouen in Normandy, the Perfume House of Berry has naturally delved for inspiration into the region's environment, history and culture. The house sees itself as the olfactive incarnation of some of the powerful moments in Normandy's history. It is evocative of the region's particular landscapes and offers original slices of its story. It is a reflection of certain personalities, an innovative transcription in scent of the history and traditions of the region's heritage. Normandy is the creative source of the Perfume House Berry : its land, its cliffs, its sea winds, the sun or the rain upon the river ; town or country ; its scents, its colours ; its shades and lights ; whether architectural, natural, human, floral or ghostly ; of the present or the past... The JEHANNE collection represents the initiatory and perfumed journey of the saint's life : a symbol of the determination, purity and strength of the virgin guided by God. Five perfumes, light, intense and remarkable, to record the path of that exceptional life. The collection EAUX NORMANDES, with portraits, Rouen Cathedral... reflects not only the different orientations of Rouen's Museum of Arts, but also the city's rebellious and rampant violet.Everything can be transformed into aromatic and intoxicating fragrances : a sensual transcription of Normandy's manifold and particular beauty. It is only natural then that with such values and local roots it is part of the philosophy of the Perfume House Berry to produce almost exclusively in Normandy, using artisans or local industries. Though, of course, wishing to implement all the know-how of France's beautiful perfumery sector, the Perfume House of Berry does not limit itself exclusively to the boundaries of its river and region. Made exclusively and entirely in France, the perfumes of the Perfume House Berry hope in this way to render, extend and bring to life what they have received, and what makes them up intellectually, spiritually and materially. This is merely the right ethical and moral return of the strength and beauty of Berry perfumes, rooted in the land and history of France's Normandy. Though not only... Cecile, although a native of Normandy both in heart and by adoption, does not originally hail from the region. Born in the south, she spent her early childhood in Africa, a continent which has left an indelible mark upon her as well as a certain exoticism. This is why it was impossible not to include a TRIBULATIONS range, which comprises intense fragrances in tribute to Africa's lands, to the women of Africa, as well as other essences evocative of travel... This openess to the world and to others is as essential to the brand as its rootedness in Normandy.
Violette Rebelle
l'impératrice Sissi